Buy local: Revelate Designs

We wait all winter for this- blue skies, brilliant sun and snow in all directions. That's what Sunday looked like, so my family and I headed out on the Placer River snowmachine trails to explore by bike. Apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea, the trail was a highway filled with bikers enjoying the conditions that made travel into this remote valley possible: hard-packed snow, frozen river, sunshine, minimal wind....

After a rocky start trying to find the trail through some uneven terrain, we stumbled upon the highway and it was smooth sailing. The gloves came off, the jacket was unzipped and the sunglasses were put on.

Fatbiking in Alaska has became a THING. Most Anchorage outdoor enthusiasts have one these days, tricked out with studded tires, poagies and Revelate Designs framebags.

Many years ago- 10? 11? 12? I had a roommate who would hole up in the basement of our downtown duplex and sew. I had a vague understanding of what was happening down there, I think it involved sewing bags for bikes? Or hiking? Or backpacking?

That roommate was Eric Parsons, the founder of the now wildly successful Revelate Designs. Eric revolutionized travel by bike- designing bags that fit perfectly onto your bike's frame. They are now sold at bike dealers all over the country, including REI.

My family owns many of these bags, even my nine-year-old's bike has one strapped on to it. They make hauling gear on long days, long weekends or long bike tours really convenient. They are waterproof, lightweight and fit your frame like a glove. Not only are they awesome products, but they were dreamed up right here in Anchorage.

Support a local company and shop Revelate Designs' products here. And then check the outdoor reports and avalanche report and get outside on your tricked out bike.