FOMO: The Super Saturated Sugar Strings

When I met Carlyle Watt, he was living in the basement mother-in-law unit at the house I was renting near downtown Anchorage. I had a two-year-old son and was feeling increasingly cynical about the joys of being a professional musician. Carlyle, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about his future as a musician and was dreaming up schemes daily for touring the globe with his guitar. He was just getting into songwriting and would jam regularly with friends, including cellist Theresa Watt. I would listen to them play from my living room above, missing the days when music felt like a hopeful, energizing and inspiring pursuit.

The group of friends turned into a band and the band slowly got better, gaining more fans and scoring higher profile gigs. The band toured nationally, albums were recorded, Carlyle married Theresa, Lily was born.....

Today, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings is one of Anchorage's most beloved bands with a busy touring schedule and numerous albums. I saw them this past weekend at Momentum Dance Collective's imaginative and abstract Carried Away. It was amazing to see them in a different setting, onstage in costumes and interacting with the dancers. Their music was magical with the choreography.

I love these guys. Their next performance is at Alice's Champagne Palace in Homer this Saturday. Check out their website for all upcoming show dates.