FOMO: Spenard Jazz Fest


I used to play music. A lot. These days- not so much. So I'm always thrilled to work with a music client and have had that joy quite a few times over the past couple years.

2018 is my third year in a row working with Spenard Jazz Fest - a funky, community-driven festival that serves up an eclectic mix of genres ranging from jazz to world to folk. It's more than jazz and it hits more neighborhoods than Spenard. Leading up to the festival's main weekend, house concerts are hosted all over town. As of last year, the festival's main event - the jazz marathon- rocks 49th State Brewing Co. late into the evening. Not to mention the workshops, live performances, jazz hikes, pop-up concerts.....the list goes on.

In many ways, Spenard Jazz Fest is still a hidden gem. If you're a musician and haven't played at it yet, fill out an application here by March 31.

If you're a music-lover and have never attended, 2018 is your year. Follow Spenard Jazz Fest on Facebook for news and updates and check back on the website in a month or so.